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Frequently Asked Questions


Can students have cell phones at school?
The use of cell phones is not permitted on campus. In addition, any electronics which could be a distraction in the classroom or Aftercare are not allowed on campus. If any device is heard, seen, or used, the device will be confiscated and a fee assessed. The device can be claimed after the fine has been paid.
My student has medication needs during the day. What can be done to accommodate my students needs?
Florida law does not allow school personnel to administer medication without explicit written instructions. This includes prescriptions and non-prescription medication. The following medication procedure must be followed in order for school personnel to administer any non-prescription and/or prescription medication.

– A form available in the office and providing the child’s name, medication, dosage, and time to be administered and parent’s signature must be filled out.

– The medication must come to school in the original prescription bottle or manufacturer’s package.

– The medication must be sent or carried directly to the office. Medication may not be kept in the student’s desk, lunch box, or his/her person. This is a violation of Florida State law.

Can students bring their own lunch an for special occasions bring food to share?
The diet of students affects how they learn. Each child is encouraged to eat a nutritious breakfast before coming to school each morning. Please send a healthy sack lunch. Lunches high in sugar should be avoided. Students are not allowed to drink caffeinated or carbonated beverages during school hours. If students wish to share food for special occasions the teacher must be notified prior and an ingredient list must be available due to allergies or other medical conditions.
If my child is sick or absent can class/home work be made up?
When there is an illness or approved absence, all work must be made up in a timely manner. Missed assignments are due two school days after an excused absence . Additional days may be permitted, on an individual basis, by the teacher for extended absence. No work will be accepted after two weeks of the original due date for the assignment. If the teacher does not receive the assigned work within fourteen calendar days, a zero will be given for the missed work. Parents will work in accordance with each individual teacher’s homework policy, which should be worked out in advance of the intended absence.